Our process division is comprised of two main areas: O & G and Industrial Plants. We specialize in integrated natural gas projects including processing, sweetening, and separation. We provide skids and plants related to the oil and gas drilling, testing and production sectors which includes systems for waste gas flaring, gas refrigeration and transmission activities. ATG works on custom designed and manufactured process packages for wide range of applications in the energy industry.

Further, we provide Boilers, waste water plants, acid plants and Ammonia based HVAC systems for the industrial sectors. Our process division is empowered with design, project management, procurement, construction, installation and commissioning capabilities. ATG maintains a supply chain department which assists our divisions and clients for sourcing of related components.

Process Division Overview

Oil & Gas Process Skids

ATG is focused on Oil and Gas and we are active to design, manufacture and install skid and plants for Oil and Gas processing. Our expertise in Engineering Procurement Construction Commissioning (EPCC) skids, high Pressure Piping, and medium size plants. For the aforementioned systems, ATG's is capable to conduct the process design, mechanical design, instrument design, project management, procurement, manufacture, construction, installation, commission, HAZOP, HAZAD, SIL, training and maintenance services. We provide wide range of integrated equipment, skids and packages for Oil and Gas industry. We can handle fast track projects related to early production facilities with high quality and safety.

ATG can design and manufacture LP/HP/MP separation, test separators, three phase production separators, gas pre-treatment skid, Fuel Gas scrubbers, Flare knock out skid, flare unit package, Condensate degasser skids, instrument air skids, Surge vessels skids, Gas metering skids etc. Main areas where we provide packaged skids are given below:

Process Skids
Skid 1 Skid 2 Skid 3 Skid 4 Skid 5 Skid 6 Skid 7 Skid 8 Skid 9 Skid 10

Oil & Gas Process Plants

ATG can provide small and medium scale process plants/packaged units to cater for oil and gas processing facilities. Our Engineering team teams and affiliates have sound process design capabilities. We can make modular skid mounted plants and we assure high quality from design to commissioning. Our Engineers work with the customer project teams to develop systems and plants suitable to customer requirements. Some of the plants we can design, manufacture and install are:

Process Plants & Systems
Plant 1 Plant 2 Plant 3 Plant 4 Plant 5 Plant 6 Plant 7

Industrial Plant Capabilities

ATG can design, manufacture, install and commission plants and systems for Infrastructure, utility packages, HVAC systems, District cooling systems, Cement plant equipment's, heavy steel plants, acid plants etc. We have dedicated teams for design, instruments and installation for industrial plants. We specialize in process heating and process cooling systems. Some of the main areas of industrial plant division is:

Industrial Plant Capabilities

Supply Chain

We have Oil and Gas related supply chain experience such supply of pipes, fittings, instruments etc. Our supply chain departments develop global relations with leading suppliers and stockiest and can help our departments and clients to whenever needed. Some of the items this division work are:

Supply Chain